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How To Get Your Baby or Toddler Talking More Sooner

Find out my top 3 speech therapy secrets that have helped thousands of families for 10+ years

You will learn:
  • The 3 things you should STOP doing when trying to help your baby or toddler talk and what to do instead
  • How to engage your baby or toddler like a speech therapist so that they stay connected longer and request more
  • ​How to use your everyday routines with your baby or toddler  (the stuff you already do together) to grow their vocabulary
  • My favorite games for language development that you can start using right away

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A Note From Melissa
Hi, I'm Melissa, a licensed speech-language pathologist, mommy of three and the founder of Raising Little Talkers.

After working with babies and toddlers for over 10 years, I’ve discovered a simple proven system I believe any parent can use to improve their child's communication as quickly as possible.

This workshop shares some of my all-time favorite strategies that I’ve used to help thousands of families get their little ones talking.

If you’re committed to finally helping your baby or toddler talk more, I'm excited to help you get the tools you’ve been looking for.


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