Want to help your child talk as soon as possible and stop worrying about speech and language development?
In my self-paced course for parents of babies and toddlers, you'll learn speech therapy strategies to get your child talking!

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Check out how the Raising Little Talkers course empowered Danyelle, a first time mom of a 21 month old, to help her son go from saying nothing to saying a new word almost everyday!
If you're anything like me, you couldn't wait to hear your baby’s sweet voice before they were even born.

Now you're beyond excited for the conversations you'll have with your little one, but the words aren't coming as you expected…

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone!
  • Do you want to take the mystery and confusion out of speech and language development?
  • ​Are you feeling overwhelmed watching your child’s communication frustrations and meltdowns?
  • ​Do you want to stop worrying and feel confident with what you’re doing?
  • ​Is your child’s development progressing in every area except language?
  • ​Have you read all of the parenting books and blogs but still aren’t sure what exactly you need to do help your child talk?
Imagine knowing proven speech therapy strategies to turn your child's babbles and gestures into words and grow their vocabulary with confidence.

    Results From Parents Just Like You

    It's totally normal to want your child to meet their milestones on time (or even a little early) and it can feel enormously stressful when that's not happening.

    You make sure to read to them often and talk to them all day long, but maybe you find yourself wondering: “Is there anything else I could be doing?”

    Of course, there are parts of our child's development that are out of our control…

    But as a parent who knows your child the best, you have a unique power to give your child the consistent daily input they need to start talking or expand their vocabulary.

    The Raising Little Talkers course teaches you exactly how to communicate with your child like a speech therapist so that every interaction is growing their language skills.
    • Your child is not talking as much as their peers or not meeting expected speech and language milestones.
    • ​You want to grow your child's speech and language skills while waiting for an evaluation or therapy to start.
    • ​You want to encourage your baby's first words, new vocabulary, or word combinations with effective strategies used by speech-language pathologists.
    • ​You want to feel confident that you're doing all that you can to help your child talk and prevent delays in language development.

    Hi, I'm Melissa and this is my son Gavin!

    I'm a licensed speech-language pathologist and the founder of Raising Little Talkers.

    As a mom of two little kids, I know how helpless you can feel when your child isn't meeting milestones — but it doesn't have to be this way. 

    When you're eager to hear your sweet baby or toddler talk, you don't have to sit back and wonder if there's anything more you could be doing.
    Using my 10+ years experience as a speech therapist, I created the Raising Little Talkers course to help you feel confident teaching your child to talk during your everyday interactions at home.

    Through one-on-one clinical sessions, and now my online course, I've helped thousands of families connect and communicate with their children by turning babbles and gestures in to those precious first words, expanding their vocabulary, encouraging word combinations and beyond.  

    The Raising Little Talkers course packages all my best tools and clinical experience so you can do your best to prevent delays or catch your child up from home.

    When you sign up for the Raising Little Talkers course, you get:

    When you sign up for the

    Raising Little Talkers course, you get:

    • Access to the proven methods that I use as a speech-language pathologist to help children start talking and grow their vocabulary → these strategies are backed by research!

    • ​​Easy to digest lessons you can access at any time → I know you're busy and exhausted, which is why this 2 hour course is broken down into bite-size lessons for you to enjoy at your own pace. 

    • Simple yet powerful tips you can start using right away during your everyday routines → Don't worry, you don't need to be a speech therapist to use these strategies.         

    • ​​Real example videos → You'll see each strategy in action during real life interactions with children, so you know exactly what to do.     

    • ​​​Accompanying PDFs for additional support → Easily reference what you've learned with these beautifully designed printable materials.       
      Are you ready to learn actionable strategies to grow your child's language skills?

      More Results From Happy Parents

      Learn The Speech Therapy Strategies You Need To Raise A Little Talker

      Learn The Speech Therapy Strategies

      You Need To Raise A Little Talker

      5 Easy-to-digest modules to fit your busy life as a parent of young children. Each module includes multiple video lessons, video examples, and downloadable PDFs.

      Module 1: The Language Building Blocks

      Back to the basics! To help your child communicate, you need to know the basics of speech and language development for kids.
      • Find out how to help your child imitate words and phrases with ease — a critical skill that all children need in order to talk independently.

      • Learn to support your child's language development at each stage including understanding words and following directions, babbling, gesturing, single words and combining words.

      Module 2: Make Your Words Matter

      Are you reading and talking to your child all day, but still aren’t seeing their vocabulary grow? You're not alone! This module will teach you what you need to do to make the time you spend communicating with your child count.
      • Discover simple tweaks to make your words stand out to your child.

      • Learn 3 strategies that will make your language easier for your child to understand and eventually use.

      Module 3: Help Your Child Initiate

      Your child can’t wait around for someone to read their mind or ask them a question. A key part of encouraging your child to talk is to help them learn how to initiate and feel confident doing it! No more meltdowns.
      • Find out how to engage with your child during play to facilitate imitation and initiation.

      • Know when to talk and when to keep quiet to help your child take a turn.

      • ​Understand the importance of initiation for learning new words and getting wants and needs met.

      • ​Master the skill of creating communication opportunities anytime, anywhere.

      Module 4: How To Respond

      You don’t have to be a speech therapist to have a talkative child. The more you know about what strategies work, the more confident you’ll be in helping your child improve.
      • Discover and practice key strategies that will take your child's language development to the next level — so from sounds and gestures to words and from single words to word combinations.

      • Learn how to respond like a speech therapist! (You’ve got this!)

      Module 5: *BONUS* Establish Verbal Routines

      Routines matter! In this bonus module, you’ll learn how to make speech and language development sustainable in so that you can enjoy more time with your family.
      • Learn my favorite verbal routines for babies and toddlers that you can implement right away.

      • Find out how to create verbal routines with your little one to encourage comprehension, turn-taking, and talking!

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